Top Gadgets For Teens

Apr 18, 13 Top Gadgets For Teens

Buying gifts for kids and sharing their happiness gives immense pleasure and satisfaction. Those expressions have a nostalgic effect which would bring back the memories of the good old days. All this happens only when you buy your teenage kid the gift he wanted or was expecting, but you cannot ask what it is directly as it would take out the surprise element out of it. Similarly you cannot buy the wrong gift and afford to dampen the whole mood. So, it is important that you buy the right gift. To do so, you will have to have a basic idea of what the kid likes. With so many cars and gadgets flooding the markets daily it is really a difficult task. The possible gadgets that could be bought are:

Fighting Robots: Almost all the teenagers are pumped up all the time, and if you want to make the environment really full of competition and fun, the Tamiya boxing fighter robots are of course a very good choice. These are remote controlled robots, which can be controlled within the boxing ring using remotes. This will help them enjoy to the fullest and make both the kids happy(if you have two). The robots are available at a good price of $53.45 at robotshop.

The second generation Flip ultra cam coder: This cam coder has a capacity to record videos for a straight 120 minutes. It is stylish, compact and will easily fit into the pockets of your kid’s jeans. It is also built so durably that it will handle almost all the tough treatment meted out to it by your kid. It is available at amazon for $122.99.

Beats audio headsets: The beats audio headsets by Dr. Dre studio High-Definition Headphones. These are isolation headsets that have large speaker drivers to provide the super deep bass. These are priced on the higher side at $299.95. If your kid loves music then, this would definitely take him to cloud nine.

Record Cuff bracelet: The record cuff bracelets are those that are a result of smart design and commitment to give new life to cast-off albums. These are sleek vinyl, rhodium plated brass bracelets. This gift would definitely stand out from the rest and make him feel some weight. This is available at for a good price of $35 dollars.

HMDX wireless Bluetooth speaker: The HMDX jam strawberry Bluetooth wireless speaker has an incredible sound clarity in a small foot print. These can be used within a room of 30 feet and give enough sound to entertain your child and not to disturb you in the next room. It is priced at a decent $39.99 on

Digital picture key chain: This sleek key chain is a digital one, remember the old key chains that could hold only one picture in it. This could literally hold the pictures of almost all the friends of your kid and keep playing them over and over again. It is available at PB teen for a price of $29.

The DJ HERO: The renegade edition of the DJ hero is the perfect gift for your kid on his 17th birthday. This has a hard case shell that converts into a stand and looks like a real DJ setup. It also has a pair of CD’s loaded with previously unreleased tracks of Eminem and jay-Z. It is available at target for a price of $199.99.

Shower iPod player and Radio: This iPod dock is totally water proof and hence the kid could actually use it while in shower and the best part is that it also charges the player while in use. This one is also available at target for a price of $39.99

Mobile iPhone charger: Almost all of the teens are glued to their cell phones all the time these days. They also do run out of charge easily. The mobile iPhone charger which is available at various places could actually be very helpful. The kids would definitely appreciate one. These mobile chargers will make sure that your kid does not run out of battery and will stay connected.

Computer: Almost all the teenagers these days have their own computers, but if you think that your child would need an upgrade to his computer, then the best thing to do is to talk with him. Make sure that you know what all features he would want. This will help you in buying the best possible computer.

Gifts are the things that people cherish be it young or old. It is not just the value of the gift that will determine the happiness of your kid. It is also about presenting it with love. Before buying the gift make it sure that you are giving your kid what he is expecting.